I was once
a little girl
standing bare chested
in the sun
a sweet sugar smile
on my face.

Forever ago
my worries floated
on the wings of fantasy
songs from my lips
the swing of my hips
all yet another game
in my heart.

I once stood
before mighty trees
before mighty men
and cared not
thought not
in my soul.

In the pink of dusk
I would run through the branches
of the worlds
my mother forbade
my heels kicking up dust
slinging up mud
heart beating.

Sorrow never caught me then.

I had
childish hopes
childish dreams
lifting me up.

peach juice on my chin
pine sap on my hands.

Upon my back I would lay
alone in the night
staring up at a starlit sky
wondering why they were so far
as the wind gently breathed over my body
and the birds sang ever so quietly
to me


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