Social Graces

I have never had exceptional social skills so I admit I am not surprised that I am still single. I have always been a rotten girlfriend, a horrible flirter, just basically socially inept in most things man-woman. I have only really and truly loved for one short passionate moment and I didn’t know what to do with it so I killed it.

I am not good at making friends.  And though I really would love to have more women friends, I have very little in common with most women. Most women make me uncomfortable. One of the guys I can be, one of the girls is hard. I don’t like that either though because the men then see me as a buddy pal. I sit and watch as all the guys fall in love and ask me for advice on women that I have nothing in common with.

It is a never ending circle of social awkwardness.

I wonder if it will get any better without major therapy?

: (


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