Happiness Hunting

It is pretty easy to sit back and say life sucks.

But it doesn’t.

It is easy to complain about how hard everything is.

But there really is nothing I can’t handle.

It is amazing how strong you can be when you learn to bend with the wind a little.

I remember when I was younger everything that happened was such a tragedy. Every bump I hit was the size of the Smokey Mountains and the memories of a chaotic childhood were all I needed to paddle my pity canoe down shit creek.

Now, I wouldn’t change a thing except that I would have been braver and spent a lot less time thinking poorly of myself. I would have realized how beautiful I was instead of just magnifying every flaw to the inth degree. I would have smiled at cute boys across the room instead of looking away. I would have been more aware of when to throw in the towel and quit wasting my time on people that didn’t matter.

On the upside, I never forgot how to laugh. Well maybe for just a couple of years. But I remembered.

I wish I could catch happiness in a butterfly net.


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