Waiting for the Snow

Growing up I moved around a lot. However one of the best places I ever lived was Vermont. When it snowed it turned into a winter daydream. Recess was a Norman Rockwell afternoon of sledding, snowshoeing and ice skating. Snowsuits strewn all through the school hallways and the squeeky sound of snow boots from numerous little feet.

The bus stop was at the fire station in an old brick building. It was dark and smelled like breakfast at Grandma’s; the smell of coffee permeated through the air and the icicles on the sides of the building were bigger than I was. You could dig tunnels in the snow that would rival any hamster cage. You had to watch for bears while walking to the end of the street. They had candy made out of maple syrup. It was paradise.

My love of winter has never left me. When snow falls my heart lifts. I spend my life yearning for quiet, peace and the first light after a snow is the only time I ever truly hear it in my crowded universe. Nothing but the wind and the chilly heaviness in the air. Some of my best moments have been on a blank canvas. Walks with my Grandmother. Playing with my brother. Going tubing up in Boone. Snowball fights with my dogs. Making a snow fort under the boughs of a huge pine tree as a child. Sitting on the porch as an adult and looking out at the world at rest.

So here I am now watching the radar.  A long bumpy road dropped this Yankee  in the steamy deep south and this is our second winter storm this year. We actually had a white Christmas – it was evening but it was still Christmas!

I can’t wait until I wake up tomorrow and get to look out the door and see what waits for me. My dogs will run in circles and eat snow. I might take the kitten out there to check it out. I might throw a few snowballs at the puppies.

I just wish I had someone to play with : (

Don't eat that, Ellie......



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