Hope a Dope

For years I lived my life blindly. A racehorse speeding towards an unsure destination. Then my legs went out from under me and I learned to cry. I allowed the world to cover me over. I absorbed pain and turned it into agony. I took roadblocks and turned them into great walls. Then it got to be too much and I just wanted to sleep.

After years of this, I was thrown a life preserver. It came in the most unexpected of packages. A fall, a sprain, some crutches. At the time I thought “Why Me? Yet another problem…..”. Now I know that God truly does have a plan behind the most random of actions. Every day I come a bit more awake, drying out my wings, preparing for flight. I think I am almost ready now.

Illness and depression have taught me how to live. I am thankful for my darkness. Without it the light wouldn’t be so beautiful. I find joy now that I would have not even noticed ten years ago.

I am very hopeful. I am very optimistic. For the first time I am not dreading the next thing. I am looking forward to the New Year and I hope it brings lots of new and delightful things. And lots of laughter : )


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