It is all about Hope

To me the most important thing in life is hope. Hope is the reason we get out of bed, have children,go to work, and get educations. Hope is why we put on make up and wear high heels and shave our legs. Hope is the human equivalent to gasoline, it is our souls battery. Our hearts fuel. Our driving force. Hope is everything.

When I feel down, either mentally, physically, or spiritually it is my hope for a better tomorrow that gets me going again. When I want to give up and move back in with my parents and hide, it is hope that makes me keep trying.

To me, hope is the root system and trunk of my wishing tree. The stem from which all other dreams protrude.The hope for love, the hope for success, the hope for a stronger faith, the hope, the hope, the hope…….

We all know a dead eyed person who has given up. The people who look like zombies that we quietly walk past in grocery stores. We all know how easily we could be that person if we gave up. Then again we also know the people who glow with it, flames of hope burning behind their eyes despite the mountains of adversity and pain they have crawled through, despite the harrowing journey still ahead.

Never ever give up. Never ever quit hoping for the best.



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