Chasing Bliss

About six years ago I worked with a guy who quit his job to “chase his bliss”. At the time my colleagues and I ridiculed him and made numerous jokes about “chasing bliss off cliffs” and other super supportive things I shouldn’t have said. On the upside we were all wrong and that guy is doing quite well chasing his bliss. I also, in time, learned a valuable lesson.

As you know from my other posts I have had some health issues over the years. Being sick all the time is not good for the body and it is even worse for a career in a sinking economy. Seven days before Christmas in 2008 I finally lost my high paying job due to excessive absences due to being sick all the time. It hit me hard.

Since then I have worked numerous contract jobs and have had numerous health problems. It seems as though it is physically impossible for me to hold onto a job because everything will be going fine and then BAM – I am sick for two months.

I AM a hard worker. Every employer I have ever had I gave them my all. I think a lot of people (such as my Grandfather) misconstrue my employment issues with laziness. If there is one thing I am not it is lazy. What I am is sick. I have spent roughly 20 – 30 % of my yearly income for the last five years on doctor appointments, prescriptions, and surgeries. Every doctor I go to gives me a different set of pills and a different answer. Every time I get hopeful that something is working and that I am FINALLY feeling better and FINALLY able to live my life then another hammer falls.

So no, I am not lazy. Matter of fact if any of them knew how hard I work on a daily basis just to get out of bed I would get a damn award. But they don’t know. They just see that I am not there or that I lost my job.

In retrospect however I have hated all of my jobs. I HATE sitting all day at a desk typing on a computer staring at rows of numbers and spending hours creating useless reports that no one ever looks at. I hated it and the idea of going back to it makes me want to jump off a bridge. So I am not going to. Being fired and getting sick removed my shackles and made me somewhat fearless.

Three months ago I went back to school. I am now studying to be a cosmetologist, something I always wanted to do but thought I was too good for. However the truth is there are so many more opportunities available in this field than I ever knew existed. There is also a high level of satisfaction that comes with doing something palpable. Doing a task with a definitive beginning and end. Something that hopefully makes someone happy. It brings me joy, and dare I say it – bliss.


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