I speak bad Spanish poorly. I have two dogs and a kitten.

I have had the same Jeep for 14 years. I carry the same red leather purse I bought 10 years ago. I wear the same Mickey Mouse watch I got when I was 12.  That being said, I have lost a lot of earrings.

I find humor in just about everything which can be both charming and annoying. When I get really nervous or angry my chin shakes and I look like I am having a seizure. That disappoints me because I would rather be all Clint Eastwood when I get angry.

I watch too much crime television. This has led to my being paranoid and convinced that there is a murderer/rapist/thief hiding behind every shrubbery. I was also raised by a group of NRA members who think there can never be enough locks and chains on anything and well, are convinced that murders, rapists and thieves are hiding behind every shrubbery. Ironically we actually caught a thief behind a shrubbery once which really didn’t help the communal paranoia of my family.

I have a weird thing about numbers. I don’t like numbers that aren’t even. And I have a weird definition of “even”. It has to either be the traditional even or something that “looks” even like 121 (the number itself is evenly distributed) and weirdly I don’t mind something like the number “9” because it is divisible into equal portions of 3. But a number like 173 is undesirable.



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