Happy List

Things that make me happy.

I am slightly disturbed, yet not surprised at all, that so many of these have to do with food……….

  1. The feeling of sun on my skin
  2. When you wake up in the morning and are surprised by snow
  3. Baby animals
  4. The taste of honeysuckle sap
  5. Seeing little girls with big brown eyes
  6. People who like to read
  7. Driving fast and reckless
  8. Unexpected gifts
  9. A really good song
  10. Anything by Bob Marley
  11. Pajamas
  12. My Katy Kat
  13. A really good meal
  14. Tiramisu (after my really good meal)
  15. Perfume. I love the stuff.
  16. Big Insulated water cups
  17. Artwork with words
  18. Watching my dogs run
  19. Laying on the ground and looking at the stars
  20. Kalmia Gardens
  21. The Mountains
  22. Canoeing (as long as the boat doesn’t tip)
  23. A good free T-Shirt
  24. Giving people presents
  25. Cleaning (I know – I’m a freak)
  26. New socks
  27. blankets
  28. remodeling projects
  29. Little black children. I think they are way cute.
  30. Hugs
  31. Chinese Food when I don’t feel well
  32. Cuddling with Ellie Monster
  33. My favorite red lipstick
  34. Sweet Peppermint flavor Stride chewing gum
  35. Natural Ice Cherry Lip balm
  36. When you talk to someone for hours and it only feels like a few moments
  37. Helping someone
  38. Seeing things in clouds
  39. Sexy men who drive Jeeps
  40. My Jeep
  41. My doggies feet
  42. New kitchen gadgets
  43. Finding out that the sugar/gluten free version of some old favorites taste better than the originals
  44. Showers
  45. Massages
  46. The sound of water
  47. Thunderstorms
  48. Learning
  49. Psalms
  50. Albert Einstein
  51. Dollar Store shopping
  52. Hanging out with my Mom
  53. Swings
  54. Throwing stuff
  55. Plastic dinosaurs and reptiles
  56. A good movie
  57. Seeing someone with their pet
  58. Unexpected kindness from unexpected sources
  59. New shampoo
  60. Casseroles with Crunchy Toppings
  61. Febreeze
  62. Getting my teeth cleaned
  63. Getting a card for no reason
  64. office supplies
  65. taking things apart and putting them back together
  66. flowers
  67. pedicures and especially when I get something dorky painted on my big toe like flowers or flames or a JEWEL
  68. When people surprise me with a meal – home cooked or otherwise
  69. good sushi and lots of it
  70. comfortable furniture
  71. Little boys with glasses
  72. Indiana Jones and Start Wars movies. The originals.
  73. Unicorns
  74. Fairy Tales
  75. Watching my kitten grow up
  76. How great it feels after you brush your teeth
  77. Going to bed after washing all your blankets
  78. Having someone toss the blanket on you (you know – where the blanket billows out and floats down on you)
  79. Saturday morning breakfasts at Waffle House with Mom and Wayne
  80. A great giant sweatshirt
  81. Horses
  82. Warm sand on my feet
  83. The smell of a wood fire
  84. Hanging around a bonfire
  85. A good cup of coffee or a way over the top coffee drink

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